So…we have been blessed with an early start to the season. Our first animals that were loaded were 3 Blue Wildebeest we captured…it took 2 days believe it or not….!

Everything was arranged for the Monday morning @08:00am. We were there with our game trailer and recovery vehicle, the seller was waiting at the gate….but no Vet insight. The reception was down so we could not even phone to check if he was just running late, or maybe had a flat tyre or whatever. So I drove all the way back to town to find Wifi to see if there were any messages from our Vet…but nothing…

So I left him a message and he confirmed that he will be at the gate in about 10 minutes. When I arrived back (it’s a 7 minute drive from town) I waited for about 15 minutes but still no Vet. So I decided to drive up to the farm with the hope that he passed through the gate before me. Still no reception to confirm who is where which was very frustrating to say the least. When I got to the farm it was still only my team and the seller waiting. So I drove back to the main gate. Waited for another 15 minutes then drove back to town to connect to the Wifi. I received a message from the Vet saying that he had waited half an hour at the gate and then left. But according to my calculations….if I passed through the gate twice within 30 minutes there would have been a Vet waiting at the gate ! Anyway….the Vet never pitched and we called off the capture for the day. I have great relations with all our Veterinarians in the Industry but would really think twice before phoning this one again…✌🏼

Nevertheless the Wildebeest was captured and delivered to our boma in Thabazimbi. We sold them and they will be delivered this week.

Thanks to all involved and although it was a tough one to start off the season with we had only learned from the experience once again! Make sure and double-check all the arrangements with each and everyone involved so there are not misunderstandings at the end of the day.

Keep safe,x