21 November 2022

On this cool and cloudy morning, Pieter and Lindy left the Thabazimbi base at 05:20 to load 7 Roan Antelope bulls at Hope Game Farm for Mr. Ieg Steenkamp.

We arrived a bit early at the farm where we had to load, but luckily we had some coffee and could enjoy the early morning sounds and smells of the bush.

By 07:15 all parties arrived, and by 07:30 the veterinarian, Dr. Johan Cronje started the darting process.

At 07:50 the first Roan bull, measuring 24.5″ was loaded onto Mr. Ieg Steenkamp’s trailer, he was a big-bodied boy!
The 2nd young bull was loaded by 08:17 and measured 15.5″.
The 3rd youngster was loaded at 08:30, the 4th at 08:46, the 5th and 6th at 09:13, and lastly at 09:24 the 7th bull was loaded.

Medicine and vitamins were administered and with our veterinarian being happy, we left the farm at 09:40 with the 7 Roan bulls on two trailers.

We arrived at their new home by 12:10 pm and offloaded all 7 animals without incident. Ieg invited us for coffee and by 13:00 we thanked our client and turned back to home base.

We arrived home safely at 15:40.