On 17 November 2022, the MWSA team of Pieter and Lindy left the Thabazimbi base at 05:15 am, to the farm Drinkpan to load 3 Roans destined for the Northern Cape.

They arrived at 06:00 am. Johan Eloff Snr and Dr. Ean van den Berg, the veterinarian arrived as well and we proceeded to the Roan Camp.

The adult cow and her calf were darted and loaded. The sub-adult heifer was also darted and she took her merry time to go down. She was immediately dubbed “Kwaaitjie” for her feisty nature.
Vitamins and antibiotics were administered and all three animals were dipped as well.
Dr. Ean reversed the effects of the darting on the animals and as soon as they stood up and he was happy we departed for the long trip to the Northern Cape at 07:15 am

The trip to Kimberley was without any incident.

We arrived at the farm at 15:40 pm. The farm manager met us 10 minutes later and we proceeded to the lush green camp where the three ladies disembarked without any trouble at 16:00.
All the paperwork was finalized, we greeted the manager and turned back towards Thabazimbi.
At 21:30 we decided that we needed to sleep over for the night. We arrived back in Thabazimbi at 12:00 with 1293 kilometers traveled.