“The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans.”

Jim Fowler




Our passion for African wildlife has in recent years lead us to expand in various ways to live the awesome adventure this industry has to offer. Bull & Breed, proudly sponsored by My Wildlife SA, serves as an online journal, dedicated to the highest quality of news and articles, while at the same time presenting wildlife and game ranching knowledge through the fascinating art of story telling.

Why stories? Each of us, whether breeding and ranching, buying and selling, or even investing and contributing to the wildlife population as a whole, have a story to tell. These stories are told, at game auctions, braaivleis fires and hunting trips. We intend to amplify that, and in the process, bring some healthy education to your front door.

So whether you are using a desktop computer, a tablet or your mobile phone, we would like to show you just how far our commitment to the exploration of the industry goes.

Happy reading and we look forward to you joining the conversation!