Slipknot Droppers

Install droppers in less than 15 seconds per dropper !

Heavy Galvanized 4mm spring steel wire, Slipknot Droppers stay in place forever and the wire does not slip up and down like with traditional steel droppers. Fire and Weather-proof



The ever-increasing expenditure associated with fencing has made it more important than ever to ensure that the most cost effective techniques and materials are utilised when building a fence.

Elastic fencing is the best and most economical fencing for the long term (also know as suspension fencing).

Its main benefits are its very high capacity to elastically rebound after stock impact and it’s comparatively low cost of installation.

Fence Droppers, (also know as spacers) are a very important component of elastic fencing.  High resilient spring steel wire droppers have the ability to elastically rebound with the fence and are the best choice for building a strong fence.

Other rigid steel droppers don’t have the ability to elastic rebound after impact and they will remain bent or may even break.

Save on material cost and labour.  No binding wire is needed and takes only 15 secondes to install.

Elastic fencing uses fewer steel posts because they are spaced further apart.  It just makes sense to use less steel wherever possible without compromising the strength of the fence.

Demand for elastic fencing is growing rapidly.

Advantages – Heavy galvanized 4 mm spring steel wire.

Cost less than a steel dropper.

Does not rust.

No losses due to theft.

Does not require pliers and binding wire.

Minimal labour required, install a dropper in

less than 10 seconds.

Does not bend or break.

Can be re-used.

Wire can’t move out of place.

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5 wire x 200mm apart = R7.50 per dropper

6 wire x 200mm apart = R8.50 per dropper

7 wire x 200mm apart = R9.50 per dropper