Game Capture

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Game Capture

We arrange all types of Game Captures.
Chemical Captures
Mass Captures
Passive Captures are done by our teams in Limpopo.

Chemical Capture

Done by the most professional veterinarians in the industry, we work with;
Dr. Cliff Bull – Craig View Veterinary Clinic         Dr. Louis Greeff – Medivet from Thabazimbi      
Dr. Andy Fraser – Champion Wildlife                   Dr. Ampie Viljoen – Ampie Vet
Dr. Thinus Loggenberg
Dr. Johan Cronje
Dr. Dawid Snyman
Dr. Ean van den Bergh
Dr. Gary Bauer
Dr. Johan Barkenhuizen
Dr. Nico Du Preez
Dr. Niel Kriel

Mass Capture

Contact us for information and arrangements

Passive Capture

Passive Capture Boma
-Developed and refined by Pieter Hatting.

-Mobile and lightweight, the system can be easily moved to where you need to capture.

-Stress levels on the animals are greatly reduced.

-Bigger species like Eland, Kudu and Sable can be enclosed in the boma, this then allows a veterinarian the opportunity to dart them with ease.

-Remotely triggered by either a remote or cellphone.

-We use a camera system that sends video alerts to a cellphone, this gives us the opportunity to observe the feeding and drinking patterns of the animals to allow the capture of a specific species.

-Contact Pieter Hatting on 083 387 3667 or 071 862 5650 for more information.

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