Blesbok (Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi). Trophy and Breeding Rams for sale. Blesbok captured in the Limpopo Region. From Vaalwater and Thabazimbi boma.

Selling price on Blesbok for the season of 2017 is between R2200 and R4200 depending on the horn size of each herd captured. Trophy rams are always more expensive because of high demand. Adult ewes will also be more pricy when sold separately. All adult Blesbok will be piped when captured and transported. It is a labour intensive species to capture and offload which makes them more pricy than Impala for example.

Physically, rams and ewes are remarkably similar. Their mass can be as much as 85 kg. Both sexes carry horns, ringed almost to the tip. Female horns are slightly more slender.

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