Cape Eland

Cape Eland [Taurotragus oryx] for sale from My Wildlife SA. 

The Eland is a browser, utilizing a wide diversity of plant species. It can exist for long periods without open water, but is then reliant on the fruits of Tsamas and Gemsbok Cucumbers to meet its water requirements.

Although the Eland does not have a specific breeding season, in South Africa it has been noted that there are peak months when significantly more calves are born than in other months. A single calf is born to a mother after a gestation period of approximately nine months. Calves can run with the herd a few hours after birth.

Eland forms herds of up to 500 animals!

An adult male is around 1.6metres tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 942kg with an average of 500kg – 600kg for females.

Both sexes have horns. Eland can be seen in most of the game reserves in South Africa. In areas where they used to roam and became extinct, they have been reintroduced with great success.

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