Wildlife Auctions   |   My Wildlife SA  |   14 July 2017   |   Press Release 

SAPA supports minister in lion bones quota

SPCA to benefit tremendously from 2 Impala Rams that will be on auction tomorrow.

Two beautiful impala (split) rams will be on auction this weekend of which the proceeds will go to the Lephalale unit of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA.)

The animals were made available by My Wildlife SA and Leohani Wild as a gesture that the love and care of animals go beyond that of only wildlife and will fall under the hammer at the Mpatamacha Wildlife Auction on Saturday, July 15, 2017 @11:00am.

“We care for the safe keeping and well-being of the domestic animals in our society as much as the wildlife we work with on a daily basis,” Stephanie de Kok of My Wildlife SA said, adding that finances are only a part of the donations that is needed at the SPCA’s local premises.

In addition to making a bid on the animals, game farmers and businesses can donate cement, bricks, droppers, poles and building material. Another need currently is containers, which will be used for accommodation and storage facilities.

For more information, contact Stephanie De Kok at 082 339 6603 or send an email to stephanie@mywildifesa.com 

Impala rams

These two split rams will be availble tomorrow with all of the proceeds going to the SPCA Lephalale. 

Impala rams

Available as Lot 71 Auctioned by Mpatamacha African Game Auctioneers.  

SPCA Lephalale