On Tuesday 19 July the team got all packed up to load some of the best Buffalo genetics in the world at 4 Dogters Ranching in North West. The team included Erika, Lindy, Pieter, Jaques, and our 3 little musketeers, Lian, Leon, and Leonardus. Thank you team for yet another fantastic trip!

A big congratulations to Jannie Parsons and the Shayamanzi Game Breeders team for your beautiful new Buffalo, and thank you for trusting us with your precious cargo!

On Friday 22 July we had some more Buffalo deliveries. The team loaded some amazing Buffalo at Robedi game breeders and took off to 2 different locations for delivery. Well done yet again team! You did amazing, even with all the fog on the road!

We had some huge Ostriches come into our boma, and at the same time selling our Impala that was on boma. All in one go. We also delivered a beautiful Kudu Bull and many more, whilst Piet was doing a passive capture and delivery, all within 24 hours. It was such a busy week!!

Thank you team for all your hard work!

A quote to end a week filled with Buffalo adventures:

Advice from a Buffalo

Stand your ground
Have a tough hide
Keep moving on
Cherish wide open spaces
Have a strong spirit
Roam wild and free
Let the chips fall where they may

~Ilan Shamir

Buffalo Trip
4 Dogters Trip
Foggy Road