On Tuesday the 11th of October 2022 the My Wildlife SA team set sail to load and transport Buffalo for our client, from Shambala.
Susan and Marcel arrived at Shambala early morning, around 6:40 am, and got to the first loading spot.

Trucks and trailers were ready to load up quickly. Devon, from Devon’s Wildlife Services, was working fast with his crane truck to get the Buffalo loaded as fast and safely as possible.

At around 9:00 am we loaded 9 buffalo and got ready to move to the next loading point.
Here we experienced some trouble with big trucks and small gates, but nothing that couldn’t be handled. The AWA team got their Land Cruiser and came to the rescue!
Thanks, Timon!

About 40 minutes later we met with the state veterinarian, who started sorting out the paperwork.

Sometime later we arrived at the third loading spot. The Buffalo got loaded onto Devon’s truck with the help of the crane.

Stephanie then joined us to ensure everything was in order and ready to go.
With everything going smoothly we left for the client’s farm. At around 3:00 pm all 13 Buffalo were offloaded in the presence of our client.

-Thank you team for another smooth and successful delivery!