On the morning of 25 October ’22, the My Wildlife SA team (Lindy & Susan) prepares Bulwa and leaves the Thabazimbi Base at 05:15 to load a Buffalo cow at Lumarie at the request of Mr. Jannie Parsons from Shayamanzi.

“Jenny” (daughter of Horizon) measures 33 1/8″.

The team arrives at Lumarie Gate 1 at 06:50 and waits to enter as the gate is closed. Not long and Mr & Mrs. Malan join us and the team follows them to the loading bay.

The Vet for the day is Mr. Malan’s daughter; Dr. Bernadine Malan. She prepares the dart and proceeds to dart Jenny at 07:10. Susan confirms with the staff that there will not be a State Veterinarian with the loading process but that we will get him at Lumarie’s gate to seal the wagon and get a Red Cross permit.

At 07:47 she is loaded and awake. At 08:00 the team departs from the camp and gets Baks; the State Veterinarian from Warmbad at the gate and he seals the wagon.

The team leaves Lumarie and Susan keeps Mr. Parsons and Stephanie informed of their progress. We report that she was very calm on the road!

At 11:20 the team meets Mr. Parsons at the dam wall where Jenny will be offloaded. Seals are broken and before long she jumps out of the wagon and gives a very nice photo session for everyone present! We stand for a while and watch her become familiar with her surroundings…

We thank Mr. Parsons for his continued trust in us!