Aventador’s 9th birthday on the 28th of April 2023 brought a lot of excitement on Shayamanzi as he yet again surprised us…
Aventador has consistently kept on leaving us in awe as he pulled another one out of the hat. He has added another 1/8” to his remarkable horn growth journey and now measures a staggering 56 3/8”. This is remarkable as he has done this whilst being with his herd of cows and his offspring count is now already close to 40 calves showing not only his unbelievable measurements but also his exceptional fertility. He is a true breeder and to add his pedigree on top of this makes him truly a one-of-a-kind bull.
His remarkable growth is also not an outlier as his full brother has also reached the 50”+ mark, taking the total 50”+ sons that his father Salomo (55 1/8”) has produced to 10.
As always with our announcements our breaking news doesn’t stop as we have yet again kept a little secret… Our little secret is the fact that we can’t wait to introduce his half-brother Morné’s (56 1/8”) daughters to Aventador (56 3/8”). This is the pinnacle of buffalo breeding and will be an industry first with a 56”+ bull on 56”+ daughters. This is what we at Shayamanzi constantly strive for to be at the fore end of buffalo breeding and to take our buffalo breeding industry to new heights. We are truly excited for this new chapter in our buffalo breeding project and we know we bear a massive responsibility on our shoulders as we need to be the gatekeepers of these scarce genetics for future generations to come.
Lastly, we would just like to thank Barend van der Linde from Trophymeasure for once again playing such a key role in Aventador’s measuring journey. As mentioned earlier they err to the side of caution as can be seen with Aventador comfortably measuring 56 3/8” and is close to 56 4/8”.
Aventador 2023