On the morning of 29 November 2022, Erika and Chanene left our overnight spot at around 5:30 am to be at Pymat on Cumberland to load a Buffalo cow and her calf.
We arrived at 6:00 am and had a cup of coffee and some rusks.
We were told that we had to wait for a second party that also had to load 2 Buffalo cows and 2 calves, as the 6 Buffalo were in the same camp and had to be darted at the same time.
The 2nd party was a tad late so Dr. Louis Greeff decided to go and dart Roans that were also destined to be transported elsewhere.
We waited until about 9:00 am and everybody was ready to dart and load the Buffalo.

These ladies were not going down without a fight, surely because they were protecting their calves.
Dr. Louis, Nampie, and some Pymat workers went into the camp and started darting. Once the little ones were down they were brought out of the camp and the mommas were next.
2 of the 3 cows were walked into their trailers, but one lady was just too tired. The trailer was brought closer and she was loaded with the help of a “few” hands.

With all the Buffalo loaded, paperwork done, DNA taken, seals locked and Buffalo awake, we set off with our Cow and Calf to Silent Valley.
We got to Silent Valley at 13:30 with well-behaved cargo and went out to the camp where we had to offload.
With no hassle, our Cow and calf got off, we handed over the paperwork and headed back to home base.

We arrived back in Thabazimbi at 16:20.