On the morning of 26 October ’22, the My Wildlife SA team, which consisted of Sue as Manager and Marcél as Assistant, leaves the Thabazimbi Base to load a Black Impala ram at Dinaka at the request of Mr. Jannie Parsons from Shayamanzi Wild.
The team arrives at Dinaka just after 07:00 and waits for Jaco to escort us to the boma where the rams are standing.

At 07:37; Dr. Manie Du Plessis is ready to dart. There are some Black Rams in boma so we wait patiently so that Dr. Manie can locate “Green 2”.
07:51…The ram was brought closer, measured, and loaded into the front compartment of Mapipi. The workers from Dinaka were kind enough to hang some branches to make the Ram’s ride as stress-free as possible.
Sue keeps Mr. Parsons and Stephanie up to date on their progress.

Thabo and Bongani from Shayamanzi welcome us at the gate at 09:30, two big smiles and excitement on their part about the new Ram is contagious!
They take us to the boma where “Green 2” has to be dropped off. On the way there, we are once again grateful and realize how privileged we are for the incredibly beautiful places we get to work!
Arriving at the boma, we make quick work of getting the ram down…with a bit of encouragement from Marcél, he jumps out and calmly trots away.
The team thanks everyone and leaves to return to Thabazimbi. The team arrives home safely at 12:00.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!