On the morning of 27 October 2022, the MWSA team with Erika as the driver, Lindy as assistant, and Leonardus leave at 11:00 from Thabazimbi to Mr. Garth from Batiki Game to load a Buffalo cow for Mr. Charl Du Toit of Silent Valley.
We arrive at the farm at 17:30. Andri meets us at the gate on the part of the farm where the buffalo is standing. We go to the lodge where we spend the night. We have dinner with Gart and Mandy.
On the morning of 28 October 2022, we have breakfast with Garth and leave at 8:15 to the camp to dart the Buffalo (named Eloise – daughter of Brits). We meet the vet, Bossie, and his assistant and leave for the camp to dart the cow.
Darting goes smoothly and at 9:05 she is down and Erika brings the trailer closer.
Pregnancy is confirmed. Vitamins etc. are given and she is also dipped. She is walked into the trailer. By 9:35 we are on our way to meet the state vet.bBy 10:04 the red seals are done and we leave for Silent Valley. 16:50 Eloise gets offloaded smoothly and we turn back home.

~Thank you, team!