3 May 2023

Today Erika and Lindy had the privilege to load a BIG Buffalo Bull.

Upon arrival at the farm where we had to load the bull, everybody was ready and at their post to dart and load this Old Man.

Dr. Greeff and the farm manager drove to the holding boma and darted him…But boy-oh-boy, he was in no mood for this. He decided that the vehicle was irritating and mock-charged them twice! Luckily the meds kicked in and he could be walked into the trailer. All the necessary meds were administered and so, we were off.

The trip to his new home went smoothly and he was quiet and calm the whole way.

Upon arrival, we opened the trailer doors and then Grupmy decided that he was not getting off. He stood in the door for about 5 minutes and then turned back into the trailer to lay down and continue his nap. With a bit of careful coaxing, he got up again, stood in the door for a while, and then decided that he will now get off. He turned back once, looked at us, and with a derivative snort, trotted off proudly.

We finalized all the paperwork and turned back to our Thabazimbi base.

Thank you to our client for the opportunity to transport this amazing big bull!

PS: You might be wondering why the photos of the 2 pups are also on top… Well, Erika and Lindy being the big animal lovers that they are were on their way back home and found these 2 guys running along the road. Of course, they had to stop and help them out as the road was busy with a lot of trucks! They loaded the pups into the trailer and put a post on the local Facebook page to look for their owners. Not even 10km further the owner contacted them and was so relieved that the pups were okay. They arranged to meet them halfway and turned back. The pups were returned to their owner and the ladies once again were on the road home!

Thank you for your caring hearts ladies!!