So, we accumulated some statistics for the 2022 season….

This is always fun because one doesn’t realize how big of an impact you are making when loading and moving a couple of animals a week or maybe once in two weeks. But when we look back at our season, which was one of our best since we started in 2011, we suddenly realize that the small things we do throughout the year actually are not that small.

We moved 2314 animals this year and drove more than 96 000km with game in our trailers. These are astonishing numbers if you can imagine that we are only 5 Ladies and 1 Gentleman doing the job. Team MWSA…I actually don’t have words to describe to you how extremely proud I am of our team. Ladies, you have “balls” if I may say so…LOL!

We have transported the biggest Sable Bull ever in transit over 500km – Capitano measuring 56 1/2”.
We moved 26 Buffalo in our trailers and of which 7 were over a distance of 600km.
Blue Wildebeest Cows measuring 23 1/2” & 22 1/4” – they are walking with 33 1/4” Masai, the R700 000 Blue Wildebeest Bull sold on auction this year.
We delivered a 27” Impala Ram, 24” Saddleback Ram, 59 1/2” Kudu Bull, 31 1/2” Waterbuck Bull and so much more trophy and breeding Rams and Bulls.

We thank our clients for giving us the opportunity and trusting us to handle everything from the permit to the delivery. You know your animals are in good hands and arrangements will always be in place. We trust that you are happy with our service this season.

May the season of 2023 be just as surprising and exciting as this one was. We look forward to seeing you all again.

But first, enjoy the holidays and have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! All the best and keep safe.

Bosveld groete,
Stephanie Strydom

Stats 2022