Monday morning, it’s about 8:15 and I just finished yet another cup of coffee… I do need to slow down on the caffeine, but it’s Monday, and it’s needed for whatever the day may hold!

I just got up from the couch to put away my finished cup of coffee and as I walked past my sliding door (luckily it has a safety gate) I hear a noise in my garden. Now let me tell you, we usually have the cutest animals grazing in our gardens, all of them harmless, usually with no horns in sight. But this morning was different. As I look out the glass door, halfway open, I spot this guy, with the pointy horns… We locked eyes and both were just like, well good morning neighbor.

He was checking me out, and me him, and he just gracefully went on to eat what was left of my Jasmine plant…I called my 9-year-old son to come and appreciate the Nyala bull, just chilling on our lawn. We lived in the city for about 4 years… So this was just awesome!

So that’s how my Monday morning started, with some very curious neighbors that apparently like my “Spekboom” and Jasmine above all the rest on the MWSA base camp.

What a life, and what more could one ask for than waking up with nature right on your doorstep, literally!!



Nyala Quick Facts

The life expectancy

 of the Nyala is around 19 years.

The horns

are between 65 cm and 70 cm in length.

Males weighing in at

92 kg to 126 kgs and standing up at 110 cm

Females weighing in at

around 55 kgs to 68 kgs and stand at 90 cm.


Nyala Monday