On the morning of Thursday 23 February 2023 at 08:45 am 2 of our finest, Erika and Jaques, left for Western Cape to load a couple of beautiful Oryx!

After around 600km behind them that evening they made a pit stop at a beautiful lodge just outside of Bloemfontein to recharge for the rest of the trip. The next morning they left early to take on the next 560km drive to Beaufort West. With a bunch of beautiful sights in the rearview mirror, they arrived at their next and last stop at a lodge South-West of Beaufort West which was around 25km from the farm where the Oryx were to be loaded.

Saturday morning the team was up and ready and left the lodge at 05:15 am ready to load 5 Oryx destined for Limpopo! A 42″ bull and 4 red cows. At 08:45 am they were all loaded up and ready to hit the road all the way back to base camp, Thabazimbi.

These 2 legends did the 1160km drive on Saturday, we received them at about 10:50 pm safe and sound!

Stephanie and Jaques then left with the Oryx Sunday morning and delivered them to Steenbokpan. Everyone was done and dusted for the week, totaling an amazing 2660km through 6 provinces!

~Well done team!!