18 March 2023

Stubborn Sables

The MWSA team received a request from a client to transport 4 x Sable Bulls to Tosca from Thabazimbi.
So on the 17th, the team of Erika and Lindy arrived at the TWS Bomas to load them.
But as it goes with these stubborn animals they absolutely refused to leave the holding pens and the decision was made with the client’s consent to dart and load them the next morning.
On the 18th we met Dr. Wikus from Ecovet at the bomas and within the hour they were sedated and loaded.
We left Thabazimbi at 7:30 am and arrived on the farm at 15:00pm.

To our absolute surprise, all 4 Bulls disembarked within 5minutes and trotted off calmly into their new surroundings.

After a few friendly words with the client and the paperwork done, we turned back to home base.

We slept over in Lichtenburg as it was just too far and late to travel all the way home.
On Sunday morning we arrived back home to a welcoming brunch prepared by the rest of the team.