On Thursday 14 March, our team left home base at 5 am, setting sail to different locations to load Roans! Pieter & Lindy in one direction, and Shaun & Susan in another. With a chopper in the sky and a bunch of hands on the ground, both teams loaded their animals successfully. With the Roan loaded, the teams were ready for the long road ahead, snacks packed, water and juice in the cooler, and off they were. The team reached their final destination around 21:20 and had all the animals offloaded by 22:20! After dinner and a sit-down, the team headed to bed to take on the long road back home. Early morning Friday 15 March our guys went on to have a good old breakfast to fill up the tanks and headed home. We received our team at home at around 17:30 after a whopping 1821 kilometers! Thank you team for an amazing trip and a great delivery!!