23 November 2022

…after a good night’s rest at Batiki’s Lodge the team is up and going by 06:00.

We follow Garth to the loading spot where we find Dr. Chris Boshoff aka “Bossie” where he is preparing the darts. We wait patiently as they have to dart 2 specific Waterbuck Cows in a rather large, very lush, green camp!

At 06:51 Cow #1, Tagged as Green B1, is loaded in the middle compartment of Matopi.  She is dipped and confirmed pregnant with the help of a Sonar, she is the daughter of 36″ Majestic and in calf to 34″ Jumbo.

After waking her up, Dr. Bossie goes back to the camp to look for our second passenger…
At 07:45 Old Tag Orange 99, is brought to our trailer. She gets a new earring; Orange B2. She is the daughter of 34″ Thor and is also confirmed to be in calf to 34″ Jumbo.
Dipped, tagged and scanned she is loaded in the back compartment of Matopi.. woken up, and moved to the middle to stand with B1.

The team thanks everyone involved with a surprisingly quick capture and leave Batiki to head back home towards Bulgerivier. We arrive at Silent Valley Stud Game Breeders at 14:30 and follow the crew “oor die berg” to release the 2 girls!
We open the big, backdoor of Matopi and they jump out to join their new herd.

The team thanked Nico and leave the farm to return to Thabazimbi at 18:00.