On the morning of 21 October 2022, 2 My Wildlife SA teams left the Thabazimbi Base at 05:00 to load Waterbuck at Vaalwater destined for Gravelotte & Bulgerivier.

The teams consist of Erika and Piet as Managers and Lindy and Susan as Assistants.

07:00 We arrive at Burkea and find Dr. Louis Greeff and Ampie along with Quintes from West Dune Aviation. Dr. Greeff has already prepared darts and after a short chat, we move to the camp where the Waterbucks will be darted. Erika and Susan load first as they have the longest trip…to Gravelotte’s side!

By 07:45 Erika and Sue’s wagon was loaded. Dr. Greeff confirmed pregnancy using Sonar. All 3 are far pregnant from 35″ Sebastiaan. Dr. Greeff wakes up the animals, the team thanks everyone for their nibble and quick work and leaves the camp. (Piet & Lindy follow the Catching Team to the next loading place for their load of waterbuck.)

Erika and Susan are taken to the Main Gate and leave Burkea, destination Gravelotte.

12:00: A quick pit stop at Caltex The Ranch Plaza for Diesel and a cold soda and the team is back on the road. Susan inspected the animals and reported that they were all calm. As the team drives through Tzaneen, Erika gets in touch with Giel who arranges for someone to meet us at the “warehouse” in Letsitele at 13:48…we follow him to the drop-off point.

By 14:15 all the ladies were safely dropped off at their new camp. We follow the farm foreman to our overnight stop to end another successful day!

Thanks, team!!